Determination of growth parameters of the king soldier bream (Argyrops spinifer), using the backcalculation method and otolith reading data in coastal waters of Bushehr Province, Persian Gulf



Age and growth of the king soldier bream, Argyrops spinifer (Forsskal 1775) in the Persian
Gulf (Bushehr coasts) were investigated. A total of 622 samples were obtained from June
2010 to May 2011. Total length (TL) of fish ranged from 13.5 to 64.2cm (females) and 15 to
61.2cm (males). Male and female fish age ranged between 2+ to 25+ and 2+ to 21+ years,
respectively. Values of the von Bertalanffy growth function were calculated in females, males
and total population by using the backcalculation method and otolith reading data. The values
of these parameters according to otolith reading data were K=0.061, L∞=82.10cm (TL), t0=-
2.39 years for females and K=0.082, L∞=67.90cm (TL), t0= - 2.88 for males and K=0.065,
L∞=75.50cm (TL), t0=-3.21 for total population and according to backcalculation method
were K=0.088, L∞=76.37cm (TL), t0=-0.329 years for females and K=0.101, L∞=65.71cm
(TL), t0=-0.168 for males and K=0.094, L∞=74.55cm (TL), t0=-0.191 for total population. The
results of the study provide the direction for the future management models for the continued
sustainable exploitation of this species in the Persian Gulf region.