Diet composition, Trophic level estimation and Food consumption rate of Saurida tumbil (Teleostomi/Synodontidae) in the Bushehr coastal waters, Persian Gulf, Iran



In order To increase the knowledge of Saurida tumbil biology and ecology, an
investigation of food habits of this species was conducted from October 2010 to September
2011 in Bushehr coastal waters, Persian Gulf. 485 fish stomach contents were studied. In
this study the frequency of occurrence of prey, feeding intensity index, the index is empty
stomachs, the mean Trophic levels and the rate of food consumption was calculated. Total
three major taxonomic categories were identified in the stomach contents of this species and
were weighted including arthropods (crustaceans higher crustaceans), mollusks
(Cephalopod) and Teleostei and the results show that Teleostei was the most abundant prey
item which including the family Carangidae, Nemipteridae, Synodontidae, Mullidae,
Sphyraenidae, Leiognathidae , Haemulinae and Trichiuridae. The results showed that the
highest intensity of feeding occurs in the fall and lowest in summer. S. tumbil also shows
cannibalistic behavior in ecosystem. The mean trophic level for S. tumbil was estimated 4.64
for the first time in Persian Gulf, indicating that S.tumbil is largely carnivore and has a high
rate of food consumption.