indentification of Babolrud River's Fish Fauna

Document Type : Research Paper



The objective of this survey, carried out from March to December 1994, was to study the composition of the fish fauna in Babolrud River, connected to the southern part of the Caspian Sea. The fishes were caught using a electroshocker device from 5 stations allocated to this purpose along the river. The obtained data from this survey indicated that the fish fauna of Babolrud River is comprised of 7 families. Family Cyprinidae with 15 species, including Capoeta capoeta and Carassius auratus, the two dominant species in the river, was the most abundant family compared to the other identified families (Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Gobiidae, Esocidae, Mugilidae and Petromyzontidae) represented only with one species each. The 67% of the fishes in Babolrud River are resident......