Identifying the main factors affecting home consumption attitude to farmed fishes among Tehrani households

Document Type : Research Paper



Using reference books, monitoring buyers behavior and interviewing the experts, the effective parameters on home consumption behavior of farmed fish were identified and compiled as a questionnaire. After the reliability and viability evaluation the questionnaire was filled randomly in the spring of 2008 for 295 households of different localities in Tehran. The allocation of questionnaires was conducted based on the proportion of population in each locality. The degree of importance of effective parameters and their priority were calculated by Friedman test. The results showed that, quality, taste, smell and protein content of grocery basket are the most important purchasing factors among Tehrani households. However, those who use only farmed fish or those who do not use fish at all, after quality, smell has the highest importance, and in the fourth priority, instead of protein content of grocery basket, fish bone has higher effect. We suggest that to improve consumption of farmed fish,.....